Buy Watch Winder Paragon 6 from Billstone, Why is It Worth Buying?

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If you are interested to buy watch winder, there should be many things to consider first. Undeniably, this tool is very important for automatic watch lovers. But it doesn’t mean you can just order the product in rush. Make sure to go to the right product and brand so that you will not be disappointed later.

One of the recommendations is a watch winder box from Billstone, Billstone 6 Macassar Wood. The watch winder has 6 slots just like the name. The design is simple yet elegant, very suitable for you who don’t like a winder box that looks too much. Here are some specs if you want to know about it more.

Small Dimension and Lightweight

Generally, the dimension is quite small, making it look simpler and it must don’t spend too much space. But when you see the interior, surprisingly, it looks spacious. Even there are still large spaces among the watch slots. It enables all the motors working inside the box to work properly.

Meanwhile, it is quite lightweight also as the weight is only 5.4 kg. Indeed, a watch winder is not to carry anywhere. But when it is not heavy, it will be easier for you when moving from one place to another.

Beautiful Design and High-quality Materials

Paragon 6 seems like being designed for you who love minimalism and simplicity. It is at least seen from the color choice applied. All parts are black although the blacks are different. For the exterior, it uses the black piano finish while for the interior, the designers applied black velvet.

The main material used is the Macassar Wood. There are also some features applied here including the LED Lights to show the conditions of your watches. Besides, it has some accessories including the security lock and power adaptor. So, for your collection, make sure to buy watch winder Paragon 6.

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