Mission Statement

MKFoodFest is an idea born out of a discussion between three dedicated Milton Keynes foodies. Hazel Roberts and Laurence Conisbee are artisan food producers in their own right and Turan Turan is a food author and artisan food teacher. Together they have formed MKFoodFest to promote and champion local artisan food and drink producers and suppliers in and around Milton Keynes.

“We wanted to showcase and provide a platform for the excellent artisan food and drink producers in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas and create a showcase for locally produced and sourced food and drink. We also want to support those keeping these artisan food skills alive.”

This support for local artisan food and drink producers includes the promotion of their activities via social media, the creation of resources to help start and grow their businesses and a platform to showcase their wares. Every September the MKFoodFest event takes place, offering places to hot food street food caterers, farmers market stall holders, craft food and drink producers and chefs to create a celebration of the local food scene and to bring sellers and customers together in a local food and drink festival.

MKFoodFest CIC is a Community Interest Company incorporated by guarantee and specifically formed to operate a truly local food festival for Milton Keynes on a not for profit basis. MKFoodFest CIC committed to raising money to support local food based charities in Milton Keynes.