Exhibitor selection

Selection criteria for MKFoodFest is based on the principles of local producers first. We aim to make MKFoodFest a truly local food festival, supporting artisan producers and the committee will make their selection on that basis.

In the spirit of openness and fairness to potential exhibitors we have published our criteria for selection below.

Where there is a supplier or producer who has a unique and popular offering falling outside the selection criteria, consideration will be given to their inclusion in the festival on a case by case basis.

MKFoodFest 20 mile radius


By registering as an exhibitor you are applying for a pitch at this event and your registration will be put before the organisation committee for approval
Exhibitors are required to pay for their pitch in full either on registration or after receiving a confirmation of place email
The committee will allocate places in order to create a good balance of different stalls
The emphasis for this event is on local food so we welcome applications for food stalls (not non-food and food-related items) that are located within a 20 mile radius of the venue (see map)
As a guide, we would like a customer who buys a product from you at the event to easily be able to buy from you again in the future from your regular trading activities
Application for registration will be accepted up until 30th June 2018. Late application after this date will be considered at the discretion of the committee
Applications will be reviewed at each committee meeting throughout the year and exhibitors will be informed if they have been successful as soon as possible after the meeting in which they were considered. Applications will be rejected if an exhibitor offering a similar stall has previously been accepted. Early application is therefore advised
Unsuccessful applications will receive a full refund of any monies paid
We strongly advise exhibitors registering their details to take particular care to provide adequate information in the stall description part of the form as this will form the basis of stall selection by the committee

The committee reserve the right to alter the selection criteria without notice.

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