Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions / Booking Conditions that traders should adhere to:


Opening Day

You must trade for the whole day you have booked. (from 11.00hrs until the close of the festival at 17.00hrs. Traders are not permitted to close or break down their stalls until closing time.

Opening and Closing Times

Trading may take place from 11am on the day.

MK Food Fest – Trading hours publicised are 11am to 5pm

Clearance Period

At the end of the day of trading you must vacate the stall within one hour of the day’s closure to allow time for handover of the site back to the Park’s trust.

Servicing stalls

Vehicles should be removed immediately upon loading or unloading.

The Festival ground is pedestrianised between 10.30am to 5.30pm

During these times there should be no market vehicles in the area. Any “topping up” if required, must be carried out without the use of a vehicle within the festival site.

Encroachment / Storage

Building out beyond the limitations of the allocated stall area will not be permitted.


Cancellation Policy for MK Food Fest

Reservations of market stands will lapse if payment is missed, 100% of the fee is required before any stand space is confirmed.

100% refunds if cancelled before 31 June.

50% if cancelled at least three weeks before opening day of event

No later refunds.


No refunds can be made for circumstances beyond our control (e.g. bad weather / number of customers etc).



Each Stallholder will be required to provide information regarding:

  1. Indemnity / Insurance

Be in possession of Third Party Public Liability Insurance in the sum of £5 million and indemnify the The park’s trust, and MK Food Fest against any claims whatsoever as may arise as a result of using the stall.

  1. Paperwork

All exhibitors are required to provide copies of their paperwork regarding food hygiene, health & safety risk assessment, sale of alcohol etc. where appropriate before the 30th June 2016. Failure to provide this paperwork will exclude you from consideration as an exhibitor.

This checklist and relevant paperwork will be sent out to traders when they register.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol sellers are asked to ascent to the following:

As a retailer/trader I will be responsible for the lawful running of my stall. I will at all times keep the Premises Licence Holder and the designated Premises Supervisor fully indemnified against all actions, proceedings, claims, fines, costs and expenses, which they or any of them may be liable to incur arising out of any offence committed under the Licensing Act 2003, with respect to my participation in MK Food Fest

  1. Sub-Letting

Ensure that no assignment or sub-letting of the stalls occurs.

  1. Good Order

Be solely responsible for keeping and maintaining proper order on the stall.

  1. Nuisance etc.

Ensure that nothing shall be done to cause nuisance or annoyance to members of the public, the Council’s representatives or other traders, or to contravene any statute, by-law or regulation of the Council.

  1. Litter

Ensure that no litter is unnecessarily deposited and take all reasonable steps to prevent the deposit of such. Upon cessation of MK Food Fest remove any litter or rubbish from the stall area and leave it in a clean and tidy condition.

  1. Electrical Equipment

Ensure all electrical equipment is either still under warranty or has been PAT tested and has the correct documentary evidence.

  1. Management

Comply immediately with such requests by the Event Manager, any authorised officer

of MK Council or MK Food Fest as may be necessary for the good management of the Festival


  • By registering as an exhibitor you are applying for a pitch at this event and your registration will be put before the organisation committee for approval.
  • Exhibitors are required to pay for their pitch in full when making their registration.
  • The committee will allocate places in order to create a good balance of different stalls.
  • The emphasis for this event is on local food so we welcome applications for food stalls (not non-food and food-related items) that are located within a 20 mile radius of the venue (see map), or regularly attend markets etc. within that radius.
  • As a guide, we would like a customer who buys a product from you at the event to easily be able to buy from you again in the future from your regular trading activities.
  • Application for registration will be accepted up until 30th June 2018. After this time all the applications will be considered by the festival committee.
  • Exhibitors will be informed if they have been successful as soon as possible after the 30th June 2016 and by the end of July at the latest.
  • Unsuccessful applications will receive a full refund of any monies paid.
  • We strongly advise exhibitors registering their details to take particular care to provide adequate information in the stall description part of the form as this will form the basis of stall selection by the committee.
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